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Watch The Perfect Guy Movie Online 36, Leah dream to marry and to found a family, causing a break with Dave who is not ready to commit. During a missed appointment at a bar, she is saved from an embarrassing conversation Carter. It has all of the ideal man, acting perfectly with friends and Leah’s parents. But a violent altercation with a stranger pushes the woman to end this intimate relationship that has grown too quickly. Terribly jealous, Carter begins to harass his former love, breaking into her home and broke his computer hacking. The situation escalates when Dave comes in the life of Leah …

Watch The Perfect Guy Online Movie

At 42, the actor perfect physique, married and father of a little boy a year and a half has been showing several films and television series, including The Following, in which he lent his features to a fearsome serial killer.

In the thriller The Perfect Guy, indoors next week, Michael Ealy embodies the perfect single, the guy definitely wants to conquer Sanaa Lathan.

Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) has everything to be happy, a perfect job as a lobbyist and a boyfriend, Dave (Morris Chestnut). When Dave is afraid to engage in marrying and starting a family, she decides to break. That’s when Carter Duncan (Michael Ealy) comes in. It is beautiful, charming … so perfect. However, appearances are often misleading, Carter revealing unfortunately very dangerous. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse that will have dramatic consequences.

If the director David M. Rosenthal (Lucky) Michael Ealy has chosen for this role, it is because of its nuanced play. “When the premise of a film is a woman meets a charming and handsome man, one can hardly do better than Michael. And that is why we immediately understand how a woman can fall in love with him. Then he turns into his worst nightmare! Michael could very well play this character by insisting on excessive crazy side [personality Carter]. But he was very careful not to fall into this trap. He discussed his role in an extremely subtle way, which is perfect, “said the filmmaker. Download The Perfect Guy Movie

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Watch The Perfect Guy Online

Watch The Perfect Guy Online Appearances can be deceptive, and that is what you can expect with The Perfect Guy the film directed by David M. Rosenthal comes out on 15 November, starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut.

Leah Vaughn has an ideal life: she has a career at the top, and all is well with his little Dave longtime friend. At 36 she is ready to step it up: marriage and baby. Except that Dave is not ready … After a difficult breakup, dating Leah Carter, who seems in every respect be the ideal man. Their relationship evolves quickly and well. But soon Carter is shown a protective nature too … Leah decides to break but Carter did not hear it that way ….

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Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) appears to have the perfect life, she loves challenges and this is reflected in his brilliant career as a lobbyist. At 36, she is ready to take the plunge, have children and start a family with Dave (Morris Chestnut), its small longtime friend. But Dave is still undecided and evasive on the issue, doubts the couple leads to breakage.

After a painful breakup, Leah began a new passionate relationship with a charming stranger Carter (Michael Ealy) .. but she soon discovers the true face of this charming stranger.

At 36, Leah Vaughn all she could hope, love and career. Marriage and family seem all plotted the next steps. But, Dave, her fiancé leaves him hesitate and Leah. It must manage this difficult break for it. That’s when the seductive Carter Duncan crosses his path. For her, it embodies the perfect man. But Carter is much darker than it seems. Leah has more and more difficulty to bear its protective side. She decides to break, but the man does not agree. The film is starring Sanaa Lathan who played in “The Best Man” and “Alien vs. Predator”, Michael Ealy, seen in “Fast 2 Furious” and saw in Season 3 of “The Following”, Morris Chestnut ( “Boyz n the Hood”) and Charles S. Dutton (“Alien 3”). The Perfect Guy Full Movie